The Founder

My name is Nick Desrocher and I created NJD Soccer in April of 2020.  I am twenty-years-old from Ellington, Connecticut and am currently attending the University of Hartford. 

Growing up my dream was to play soccer at a D1 school but, unfortunately, my playing career was cut short due to an injury my sophomore year of high school. 

I played for the Ellington High School Varsity soccer team both years of my high school career and can proudly say we were NCCC Conference Champions, and also got to the State Semi-finals twice, and State Championship once.  Prior to this, I played for Celtic FC, Northeast Fury, and had some smaller accomplishments along the way, like serving as captain for the first undefeated season by the Ellington Middle School team.

I have been coaching now for the past 5 years and have worked with players from ages 4-16. I became the Director of Player Development at the Ellington Recreation Department in 2020. This has consisted of me creating detailed training curriculums, running travel team evaluations and camps, as well as organizing instructional programs. The Ellington Rec. Dpt. has provided me with the resources to continue running NJD Soccer and I am grateful for all of their support.

My goal is to help as many players as possible reach their greatest potential.  I have created a curriculum using all of the knowledge I have obtained from all of my amazing coaches through the years, which covers all of the crucial aspects of becoming an elite soccer player. Being a 20-year-old student in college, I also have the ability to relate to players and help them become leaders on and off the field!


What Makes Us Unique

There are many knowledgeable and experienced soccer coaches in the world, but at times these coaches struggle to make an impact on players.  Why is this?  You can know everything there is to know about the game, but if you can't properly communicate certain concepts to players, or even motivate them to work hard - then all of that knowledge is going to waste.


NJD focuses on finding enthusiastic and empathetic coaches who can relate to players which will accelerate their overall development. Being able to relate to players is one of the most underrated factors when it comes to the relationship between a coach and a player.  If a coach can find ways to relate to a player, then the player is instilled with a sense of trust that motivates them to work even harder.  The reason this is important is because the only way for an individual to improve at ANYTHING is through self-commitment.  That is why it's so important for coaches to understand that there are actually two unique parts to coaching: providing players with the information they need to improve; and also finding the appropriate way to communicate to each and every player.  NJD equips players with the skills they need to succeed, but - more importantly - focuses on making sure that players stay engaged and are motivated to reach whatever goals they set for themselves.